West of Redemption (2015) 
Costume Designer


Director: Cornelia Duryee Moore
Principal Cast: Billy Zane, Kevin Alejandro, Mariana Klaveno
Producers: Larry Estes, Tony Becerra
Screenplay: Meagan Daine
Cinematographer: TJ Williams, Jr
Editor: Denise Burdette
Music: BC Smith

"In this tense three-hander of a potboiler shot in Eastern Washington, the husband of a farmhouse-dwelling couple takes a stranger hostage and interrogates him, unwinding a complicated web of mysteries in the process. Set just after the Gulf War, a brooding but loving farmer (Billy Zane) interrupts time with his wife (Mariana Klaveno), and opens the door to a traveller (Kevin Alejandro) who needs a tow truck, as his truck has slipped into the ditch. The next day, the traveller awakes, hands and feet bound, in the barn, taken hostage for reasons that he doesn’t readily understand. As the interrogation continues, the reality of the trio’s relationship comes to the surface. Filmed in the dry arid lands outside of Spokane, WA, this slow burn thriller plumbs the depths that true love can take you to.

Seattle-based Cornelia Duryee Moore wrote and directed both The Dark Horse and Camilla Dickinson, both of which premiered at SIFF." - IMDB