Growing up in Miami, in a Cuban-American family, Critter absorbed many rich cultures through the sounds of laughter, people dancing in the streets, and the sharing of food in celebration. All of these aspects colored her personality, and have made her life reflect the joy and happiness she was raised on.

With a BFA degree from UF and over 20 years experience in costumes, she takes that joy with her on every project, while finding ways to evoke concepts and ideas through clothing and accessories.

Her background in Costume Technology gives her a solid understanding of garments, and how pieces can be manipulated to achieve your vision. She takes the time to absorb your aesthetic fully, to provide not only what you want in specifics, but also present ideas that compliment the concept.  Collaboration is a key to creating the story we are after.

She works fast, gets her hands dirty, juggles many tasks and manages team members to complete the project quickly and efficiently, all while smiling and having a damn good time.

...She's always ready to take on your next challenge.